Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tokyo Kitchen - (东京厨房) @ Setia Walk, Puchong

Dinner dinner dinner, where to where to, that's always a problem for the both of us, but then we came across this very nice japanese restaurant. Looks decent with all the wooden wishing planks hanging outside the place. 

The interior's awesome and gives out a very "japanese" feel to it with all the wooden furniture inside.

Wooden wishing planks
Okay, phase one - the exterior/interior, Check 
off to phase two! - the food. 

The red menu

Salmon set
The gf is a huge fan of salmon! This set fit in perfectly with her taste-buds, not my cup of tea though, i find eating raw fish weird, just don't like the fishy cold texture to it, i prefer my grilled chicken.

Another thing to note, the side dish actually blend in pretty well with the main course. Which is a good thing cause i always ignore those sides whenever i go for korean/japanese food. 

Salmooooooonnnnn, fresh and almost alive.

A disappointing suggestion 
Oh hooo, my not so impressive Don. taste - not so impressive as well. I find it rather bland and too simple, had to request for sweet sauce to make it up for the lack of taste, the miso soup though, me likey. Gotta love those MSG s.

Iced lemon tea which comes with the set and Warm Honey
Warm honey warm honey warm honey warm honey! Highly recommended, not because i have a sweet tooth, but because it is THAT GOOD, and you get to play with the wooden spoon/ladle

Miss Eeleen


Staring into blank space.... deep deep deep into blank space...... <3 haha

Will i revisit this place anytime in the near future? Yes i guess, just to try out some other awesome looking sets they have to offer.

Visit Tokyo Kitchen (东京厨房)'s official facebook page for more information!


  1. Next trip to KL, I'm going to stay in Puchong. Lots of eating places and nice food there, it seems...and of course, Setia Walk!

    1. but traffic quite congested! other than that everything is perfect! :D

  2. Replies
    1. can cann!! next time go back wangsamaju we go explore new places haha