Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How "KAW" can your burger be?

The clock strikes midnight and it's nearing 1am, you're hungry as *** and there's no food left in the storage, where to go?

Head over to !
Operation hour : 6pm - 2am

Nearby Putra Wangsa Maju and located in front of TBUN Cyber Cafe
- Google Maps coordinate: 3.206515,101.735117
- GPS User: N 3 12.391 , E 101 44.107
Jln 4A/27A,
Seksyen 2,
53300, Wangsa Maju,
Kuala Lumpur
This is only 1 of the 8 location available all around KL.

RM17.50 for a set of this burger + 2 sausages + a fizzy drink

Be warned, this set wont come easy on your tummy. Advisable to share for those with tiny appetite like me. ;) I thought i could handle this set at first due to all the excitement, and thus i ordered a beef patty and fried chicken set which i regretted shortly. 

The beef and lamb patty is a must try for those first timer. I've come to know that those patties are actually an original product from burger KAW kaw. Which means you can't actually buy those patties in your local supermarket.  

RM11.50 for this set of burger + 2 sausages and a fizzy drink
This is slightly "friendlier" to those with small appetite compared to the set above.

The back kitchen, BACON!

Fiery fire and enthusiastic bakar "chef", a good vibe for a good burger!

How they prepare your burger

The back kitchen is relatively clean as compared to other roadside stalls. ill give it a 4 and a half star rating for their cleanliness.  

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