Thursday, March 6, 2014

My nephew - Baby Martin

I was thinking of something special to write about, and i realized i haven't blogged about my precious nephew yet when i should have in the past few months!

Cute Energetic Smart Expressive Determined Funny Snuggly Mischievous Bubbly Cheeky Greedy(for food), 
i can go on the whole day and nothing is even close to finish describing this nephew of mine. 

How's it like being an uncle, people might ask. Well being an uncle feels a tad bit like being a papa myself, of course i get to minus out all the milk feeding/late night chores/shopping for baby items etc etc.

Look how small Martin used to be
Minus all that and the outcome can be quite positive i can say, being an uncle is fun in it's own way.

For a start, i get to witness first hand baby Martin's growing-up-process, which comes along with all his antics.

From being that quiet baby lying in the cradle, to the current hyperactive boy. It makes me wonder, was i once like that when i was a baby? 

Sorry for giving you a hard time mum and dad.   

his first few "Gong xi fa cai" gesture snapped
Martin can stay inside his cot with his books for hours!

Happy baby.
Clever Boy! a star for you

CNY with his big boy clothes
One of the more recent picture of Martin and grandma

This little boy is sooo interesting. He's getting handsome and more fun everyday. I'm sure he'll be a charmer amongst the ladies like his uncle in the future. No Joke! 

A part of me really wish he doesn't grow up too fast. Pretty soon he'll be walking and talking and reading and the next thing you know, he's already a graduate. Then ill feel old.   

Looking forward to seeing your progress the next time we meet baby Martin! Faster learn how to talk and walk, then we can hang out together! 


  1. He sure will grow up to be a really handsome guy - your brother must get a shotgun ready - to keep away the girls! :D

    Hey! Didn't know you've been active lately. Hope you're doing well. Will come back and browse when free.

  2. isaac's gonna be a busy daddy in the future!

    haha yeah back to blogging for a month now, gotta be more serious this time! And thanks for the visit suituapui! :D

  3. Lol, hopefully ur gonna stay true to blogging this time :P

    1. wahahaha mag mag!! HIII THEREE quite some time d, how about your blogg? last posted was 2011 also!

    2. Yes yes i will stay true this timee