Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stratosphere - The roof

Stratosphere - The roof (integrated f&b entertainment hub)

From what i know, the roof started opening to public just last year @ 1st of November 2013.

I had a chance to tag along with my brother to a gathering @ The roof, my first experience up at the roof can be summed up with a single word - "breathtaking". Yes, due to the very bad haze on that day, breathing outdoor way up on top of the roof came up as more of a challenge than expected. On a brighter note, the beautiful lighting around the roof at night did cover up for the bad weather.

Aside from the smokey treat we had that night, The roof spells of anything but below average, coming in as Asia's first and only luxury bar on top of an infinity grassed helipad, guests can have a 360-degree view of the entire city area and almost the whole of klang valley.

Good hangout place for couples and friends. (1 couple were even spotted "pak thor-ing" on the same spot for the entire time we were there! On such hazy night, their love do deserve more salutations.)

A relaxing environment to be in

Plenty of space to accommodate em party people.
Another important thing to take note of, the Roof is really big, check out the picture above, that is just about a quarter of the entire place. Definitely safe for those wasted party goers out there who are afraid of falling off the roof..


Drinking brother!


I'd totally recommend this place for those who haven't been here before, definitely a well worthy once in a lifetime experience.

A song i feel matches the place very much. 

吳宗憲-溫嵐 屋頂

Guests can book the place in advance for garden weddings, fashion shows, product launches and even something more common such as birthday bashes.        

Opening Hours:
6:30PM – 2:00AM 
(wednesday– Saturday)
Reservations : +6012-691 0628

Just visit their official website down below for more information.

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  1. Saw this in your brother's blog. Oh me oh my!!! I hope he did not get drunk. He sure deserves a good spanking from the missus. Hehehehehe!!!!!