Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You got Hazed!

So it seems haze is the new gangnam style for this week, with tonnes of pictures of people posing with their very cool masks on, one can't really resist putting one of it on as well, well to be a fashion follower at least.

Having the window open and constantly blowing air directly to the face when i sleep is starting to give me some serious headache and sore throat now, better do something about it.

Some memes to start things off.


A really creative editing, the mist's monster vs ultramano.

From my uni itself, Multimedia Unicarcrashtotreesity.

Okay i cant help but feel sad for this car, not really sure whether this car belongs to a student or the staff.
But throughout my 3 years plus here, i have never seen something like this, nearest to this accident was a car being halfway off the edge of the pavement.

I believe haze might be the main villain to this cause. 

well till then, stay healthy and drink more water peeps. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

High School and the past.

Went through my old phone and found this picture of one of my exercise book. Well my highschool life was kinda bratty i can say. ah, the reminiscent of the younger times.

Being in an all boys school, there are the perks and some disadvantages, less disadvantage really, i dont find the major worries of not being able to mix around with girls in highschool a problem, tuition-ing makes it all up to it.

Having a male population of about 90% excluding form 6 jie jies and the teachers, things do get crazy beyond imaginations, and here are some of my highschool blog posts from

and many more that pretty much tells about who i was 5 years ago. :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Okay, it's 4am in the middle of the night, in need of some bites and munches? 4am chicken rice stall @ dengkil is the place to go. This is actually the second time i've been there. Journey there was hard, with a couple of bumps and wrong turns mainly due to the little housing area where it is located.

Le morning hyped up face.

Okay so i interviewed the boss of the stall, well it seems they have been doing this business for a few decades, and their main target consumers in the beginning was the rubber tappers and working uncles aunties who have to travel early in the morning to work for a living. 

Food was prepared daily from as early as 2am by the boss's mother who is already 70 plus nearing 80.

This delicious malaysian staple @ The Chicken Rice do pair up pretty well with some of the other delicacies prepared alongside to satisfy our tongues need for more flavours early in the morning.

A posing Boss is a successful boss.

Pig's ear cooked with garlic soy sauce
TOFU szechuan style
3 layered Pork Meat @ black soy style
Fried Fish
Sambal, kinda like those sardin sambal with onions
Salted egg
and of course, The Chicken Rice

Some of the food prepared are so delicacily delicacied that i barely know what the hell it is, all i know is that it tastes good and it's oily, yes, very oily, which some may like and some wont. But consumers do have a choice of choosing their own meat from the bowl, very homestyle type of food i can say. The boss's very friendly too.

I personally chose a slightly leaner pork, some cabbage and the sardin sambal to pair up with the famous roasted chicken.

Our war equipments

The aftermath.

Well overall, food was slightly above average and it did satisfy our manly stomachs. We had a great time and do pay this stall a visit whenever you think that you need a change from those mamaks and 24/7 fastfood outlets that arent so special anymore.

How to get there. 

Turn in left after you see a petronas station. That's all i know. What the Hell. :D

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Thought I heard a farting sound somewhere.. oh wait. Its my pou. Lmaos.

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Handphone

Friday night, Mum's sleeping soundly beside fact the whole house is.. =).. and im happily minding my own business, online, message and the usuals..

And then it happened..

Just as i was surfing the web for some news to read.. My Hphone rang.. the very familiar ringtone i always hear when mum wants me to get back home before it's too late.. yes.. Mum's calling me..

i stared at my phone for a full 5 secs before answering.. dumbfounded.

Didnt want to wake mum up so i answered without saying anything.
Person behind the call went.. Pssshhhhhhhhhhh PSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH and keeps getting louder..

i pissed my pants and closed the call.

Ehhhh, then i realized.. maybe mum accidentally pressed the call button without knowing it. She always sleep with her phone beside.. Damn, how stupid i felt.. i laughed at myself.

i asked mum.. did you accidentally called me?.. mum said no..

i went downstairs... mum's phone is there charging..

Are these shiny little balls lethal?

Contains plastic and causes cancer. Come onnnnn.. seriously? Just like those fried onions where they add plastic straws and fry them together??

I never feel it is lethal, untill i came across this video..

According to the video, a newborn baby appears to have a WillyWonk the size of a rice, 2mm long, what the hell..
The mum later confessed she had a bad habit of drinking certain type of beverage everyday during pregnancy. 


Nightmares nightmares. What are nightmares. What causes it. Have been dreaming about demons in me for quite some time. 

LATE NIGHT SNACKS! (omg i had economy rice @ 11pm ytd night rofls)
STRESS AND ANXIETY (not much of these, but yes i do have it once in a while, stress about my height)
CREATIVE PERSON! (uh huh uh huh)

There's another crew of nightmare-prone people that the report mentions: "Creative persons who demonstrate 'thin boundaries' on psychologic tests." Nielsen deciphers: "For some people, their mental boundaries are thinner in that they have much more access to their imaginative and emotional lives."
sourced from google :

well it seems nightmares do occur more often early in the morning, during the Rapid Eye Movement period of the day. 

okay good to know, cut the crap. nightmares sucks. 

Nightmare starts off @ me being in a shopping complex or a hostel or something, somewhere dark.
there's this shop selling crystals and stuff, inside i met 3 uncles around their 40s, they seemed friendly at first, but they started acting creepy and lead me to the storeroom behind, WTF, there's human corpse hanging like pigs in a butchery. i freaked out but just like in all nightmares, we dont run away from nightmares, we stay till the end.

They came close to me and asked me to put my palm over their face and whistle towards my own palm, what the hell, okay i did it, and when i lower my palm, BOOM! 

uncles turn into some demonic figure with some seriously messed up face. 

OMG YES exactly like this.

And somehow being the curious me, i asked them to do it on me as well, i looked into the mirror, and BOOM!

time for dinner.. byee.

Pugs are cute?

So I heard from a friend. Pugs are realllyyy reallyy cute. Well.. I guess they are.. fuglily cute.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yours truly

Hi ivan here. 21. Testing post

Starting this shit " )

As some always say, you cant be good at everything, im like what the hell, yes we can.

See im good at creating blogs.

i have 4 blogs, and none of it stays active for over a month, rofl. *self ^5s
well i hope this one will at least bring me somewhere, hopefully.

topic of the day, or issit topic for the day.... ughhh.. english.. mum's gonna slaughter me. ill introduce her sometime right here.. :)

topic of the day, after some long thought, there's no topic, for now.
dinner out with bros and siss, BYE.