Friday, May 31, 2013

The Handphone

Friday night, Mum's sleeping soundly beside fact the whole house is.. =).. and im happily minding my own business, online, message and the usuals..

And then it happened..

Just as i was surfing the web for some news to read.. My Hphone rang.. the very familiar ringtone i always hear when mum wants me to get back home before it's too late.. yes.. Mum's calling me..

i stared at my phone for a full 5 secs before answering.. dumbfounded.

Didnt want to wake mum up so i answered without saying anything.
Person behind the call went.. Pssshhhhhhhhhhh PSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH and keeps getting louder..

i pissed my pants and closed the call.

Ehhhh, then i realized.. maybe mum accidentally pressed the call button without knowing it. She always sleep with her phone beside.. Damn, how stupid i felt.. i laughed at myself.

i asked mum.. did you accidentally called me?.. mum said no..

i went downstairs... mum's phone is there charging..

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