Friday, May 31, 2013


Nightmares nightmares. What are nightmares. What causes it. Have been dreaming about demons in me for quite some time. 

LATE NIGHT SNACKS! (omg i had economy rice @ 11pm ytd night rofls)
STRESS AND ANXIETY (not much of these, but yes i do have it once in a while, stress about my height)
CREATIVE PERSON! (uh huh uh huh)

There's another crew of nightmare-prone people that the report mentions: "Creative persons who demonstrate 'thin boundaries' on psychologic tests." Nielsen deciphers: "For some people, their mental boundaries are thinner in that they have much more access to their imaginative and emotional lives."
sourced from google :

well it seems nightmares do occur more often early in the morning, during the Rapid Eye Movement period of the day. 

okay good to know, cut the crap. nightmares sucks. 

Nightmare starts off @ me being in a shopping complex or a hostel or something, somewhere dark.
there's this shop selling crystals and stuff, inside i met 3 uncles around their 40s, they seemed friendly at first, but they started acting creepy and lead me to the storeroom behind, WTF, there's human corpse hanging like pigs in a butchery. i freaked out but just like in all nightmares, we dont run away from nightmares, we stay till the end.

They came close to me and asked me to put my palm over their face and whistle towards my own palm, what the hell, okay i did it, and when i lower my palm, BOOM! 

uncles turn into some demonic figure with some seriously messed up face. 

OMG YES exactly like this.

And somehow being the curious me, i asked them to do it on me as well, i looked into the mirror, and BOOM!

time for dinner.. byee.

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