Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ramadhan Buffet @ Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) - Bangi #BGRmakan

Only about a week back, i had a chance to try out another Ramadhan Buffet dinner at Bangi Gold Resort, have a look at my previous write up on another Ramadhan Buffet @ Nook - Aloft. Special thanks to the brother for adding me as his plus 1.

I can definitely list this buffet as one of the nicer ones i've had in a long long time. I really enjoyed every single one of the food being served on that night. The Buffet brings about a list of local traditional cuisine as well as a variety of dishes from around the world. 

My favourite!! Butter Prawns

I have to start off with this dish, I just have to!! Am a HUGEEEE fan of butter prawns and heck yeah this dish delivers. Can't really remember how many ekor (pieces) i had on that night, but i definitely had more than 8! 

Finishing off a single dish is not a problem. Why? Reason being that the chef personally promised us that there will be an unlimited refill for all dishes.... Speaking of eat till you drop huh?....