Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ramadhan Buffet @ Bangi Golf Resort (BGR) - Bangi #BGRmakan

Only about a week back, i had a chance to try out another Ramadhan Buffet dinner at Bangi Gold Resort, have a look at my previous write up on another Ramadhan Buffet @ Nook - Aloft. Special thanks to the brother for adding me as his plus 1.

I can definitely list this buffet as one of the nicer ones i've had in a long long time. I really enjoyed every single one of the food being served on that night. The Buffet brings about a list of local traditional cuisine as well as a variety of dishes from around the world. 

My favourite!! Butter Prawns

I have to start off with this dish, I just have to!! Am a HUGEEEE fan of butter prawns and heck yeah this dish delivers. Can't really remember how many ekor (pieces) i had on that night, but i definitely had more than 8! 

Finishing off a single dish is not a problem. Why? Reason being that the chef personally promised us that there will be an unlimited refill for all dishes.... Speaking of eat till you drop huh?....  

Lychee Jelly!
Red Velvet cake
Oreo Cream Cheese
This is the BOMB! Nuff said. 
Local fruits!
Traditional Kuihs!
Some western touch to the Buffet, Chicken Carbonara Spaghetti
Beef Lasagna

Fried Fritters!
Love the carving on the watermelon!
One of the highlights of the night, Poached eggs!

Poached eggs, now this is how every egg on earth should be served. Simply perfect! I am really surprised how well poached eggs can blend in with the mushroom sauce as well as something as simple as diluted soy sauce! This simple dish totally caught me off guard with it's unique blend of taste. Thanks for all the sleepless night thinking of you, dear poached eggs. 

The magic behind those perfectly Poached eggs
Another highlight of the night, Roast Lamb
Another dish which really caught my attention is this cute little roasted lamb. Am really not a big fan of the gamey earthy taste of certain lamb if not prepared correctly. Thankfully not in this case, the lamb is really really nicee!! Roasted to perfection. Not overcooked and still retain most of it's natural juice and moisture.

Roast Chicken
This ain't no normal rice! You can barely find any rice with as much swag as this anymore.
Top quality Curry!
Eel cooked in coconut milk with spicy chili.
Lemang with Beef rendang, Very traditional, very nice!

Hugeee prawns!
Sambal belacan and an assortment of veges to mix with it.

What more must i say to convince you to try it out for yourself? Wait no more, let's bring everybody down to Bangi Golf Resort for a heck of a time.

The buffet dinner will be up from 2nd of June untill 26th July. During the entire period of time, bookings can be made to get a better deal. Do check out the contacts down below :

Phone Number : 03 - 8925 3728 / 03 - 8210 0265
Email :
Time of operation : 6.30am - 9.30pm
Price : RM50 for adults and RM25 for kids

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  1. Looks good. Prices too - cheaper than elsewhere, it seems.