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INDIBA Six Pack By Men's Skin Centre

Indiba Six Pack by Men's Skin Centres


Logo of the bar

I was invited previously to AcmeBar & Coffee located near to KLCC for the launching of Indiba Six Pack for Men’s Skin Centre. It was an awesome experience to check out the program first hand.

Folks attending the talk/launch

When we first arrived at AcmeBar & Coffee, we were served with some snacks and finger food before the start of the talk. The talk started off with the MC of the event welcoming the guests to the event and
a very informative introduction of plastic surgery by a korean doctor. Well, it was both amusing and interesting to know how some Kpop stars undergo 6 packs treatments in Korea by plastic surgery. Soon after, we were introduced with Men Skin Centre’s latest treatment called Indiba 6 pack. 

Indiba Six Park is an inspiration by the latest state of the art treatment that promises to ged rid of your ‘Mufin-Tops’ and building tummy effectively. It works from within and offers great aesthetic results to help us break down fat and effectively drain them away. Sounds like a plan!

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With beauty products and beauty treatments blossoming in our fast growing society, it is still relatively rare to come across beauty centers targeting only the male audiences.

Men's Skin Centre (MSC) by Bella has become a leading brand in providing advanced, safe and effective skincare technologies and beauty treatments. Men's Skin Centre (MSC) by Bella has grown tremendously in many Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia.

With 32 years of developing and researching, MSC's team of professional beauty experts just recently introduced Indiba Six Pack to the beauty world in Asia. What is Indiba Six Pack? Indiba Six Pack with Proionic Action is the latest technology that is able to increase fats' metabolism thus inducing lipolysis at the same time stimulating drainage. In short, Indiba Six Pack is one of the advanced technologies that you could hardly find on the market which is able to target on your visceral fat around the abdomens area and reduce it.

Towards the end of the talk, we were given a rather special door gift - Age element Essence. Age element Essence is a powerful skin restorative formula that speeds up your skin renewal process. With men usually encounter clogged pores and blackhead problems, this essence is good in opening and clean-up your congested pores, and at the same time restores skin elasticity. 

I have personally tried out the Age element Essence and the outcome is pretty obvious overnight! My skin appears rejuvenated and feels firmer.  

Friendly people all around

First Trial

While some guys are not really concerned about their belly, some are indeed the opposite to it. For the working class, students or plain busy guys out there without any workout opportunities, you have the best and safest solution to get rid of those pesky "spare tires". As for those who are already working out, you will achieve your six pack with lesser effort using this Indiba Six Pack treatment. 

Arriving at Men's Skin Centre by Bella @ Bangsar Village 2, I had some great expectations for the treatment and boy, it didn’t dissapoint. Due to my early arrival, after registration, I was ushered to the waiting area where they served some light refreshments in the form of herbal tea. 

A refreshment bar available in the centre

 The waiting area
In just a few minutes, the treatment is ready and off i go to the changing room! I am required to change into their robe and pants together with shoes provided by the center. I was kind of nervous as this was the first time I am involved in any sort of beauty treatment.

One of the many therapy room

What happens during the treatment?

Indiba Six Pack adopts the patented technology of Proionic Action to stimulate and rebalance the ion cellular exchange, thus helping cells in recovering their natural vital function in our body metabolism. The thermal action from this treatment will increase capillary circulation and oxygenate the tissues, bringing the effect of draining and eliminating impurities from the body.

During treatment, the beauty therapist first stimulates my so called lymphatic nodes on the abdomen with a small electrode to activate the body's energy points for lymphatic drainage. Then, a conductive cream was applied to facilitate the main electrode in delivering the adequate frequencies for ion exchange, fat breaking and drainage. 

In the final stage, a different electrode will be used to work on the stomach, focusing on deeper points in the abdomen and increasing the internal tissue temperature to act effectively on deeper stored fat.

The whole session took up about 45 minutes. The process is really relaxing and comes along perfectly well with the dim lighting in the room and very slow calm music. 

Men's Skin Centres

The device used during the treatment

A long standing mirror for before and after comparisons

One of the therapist in the beauty centre

A pose with the friendly staffs all around.

This treatment works efficiently to reduce localized fat volume, especially at the tummy area. Immediately after the first session, there is a visible change in the tummy which seems firmer accompanied by an inch loss. As the day goes on, i find myself drinking more water than usual due to the detoxifying process going on in the body.

So, what more excuse do we need to further convince ourselves in getting the six packs we've always wanted?

Indiba Six Pack is not only designed to effectively break fats, improve circulation and increase cell metabolism, it also strengthens our muscle and improve the skin elasticity. It is a great way to reduce water retention problems and eliminate all the nasty toxins and fat deposits left behind by years of meats, coffee and junk food. 

Get your free consultation and promotion treatment here!

"Problem Targeted, Result Delivered!" - Indiba Six Pack for men.


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