Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You got Hazed!

So it seems haze is the new gangnam style for this week, with tonnes of pictures of people posing with their very cool masks on, one can't really resist putting one of it on as well, well to be a fashion follower at least.

Having the window open and constantly blowing air directly to the face when i sleep is starting to give me some serious headache and sore throat now, better do something about it.

Some memes to start things off.


A really creative editing, the mist's monster vs ultramano.

From my uni itself, Multimedia Unicarcrashtotreesity.

Okay i cant help but feel sad for this car, not really sure whether this car belongs to a student or the staff.
But throughout my 3 years plus here, i have never seen something like this, nearest to this accident was a car being halfway off the edge of the pavement.

I believe haze might be the main villain to this cause. 

well till then, stay healthy and drink more water peeps. 

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