Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY preserved rose in a jar

The title says it all,

as simple as it sound, uh well, it's really simple.

Things to prepare :
1) Dustbin worthy wilted flower bouquet.
2) A glass jar
3) Scissors
4) Marker Pen
5) Hairspray - Any hairspray

It's movie night with the lady and since we don't have much horror movie left in our stash, we decided it's time to do something about the roses i got for her during valentines.

Previously we came across this decent looking glass jar by TYPO while shopping in 1U.

-RM10- Clean cheap simple steady.

Stems and all other waste product. Feel free to throw these away.

Tools. A red permanent marker and a pair of scissors.
Okay okay, start start, first decapitate the head from the stem, cut out any limbs sticking out. Pick out any nice colourful flowers left on the bouquet.

Then slowly place everything on a piece of newspaper and spray the crap out of them, i used a Gatsby SuperHard hairspray for this purpose. This step is to ensure that those roses and leafs and flowers don't rot and stay "preserved".

Next, throw everything into the glass jar layer by layer, in my case i simply sort em' out by colours, 

lavenders - roses - dried leafs - roses - more leafs - Big leaf with flat surface to cover up the top.

Finally, close the cover of the glass jar. 


More waste.

The end product. Looks decent aint it?
Was thinking of making this my facebook cover photo. 

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