Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My thoughts on Flappy Bird.

Angry birds, The sliding Up and Down bird game (sorry cant rmb the name to this) and now Flappy bird.

This latest addition of bird game series is the pure definition of evil and frustrations.

I remember trying this app out for the first time in my room with my housemates while studying for the upcoming finals, took me 15 bloody minutes to get pass the 1st drainage obstacle, and another hour just to get past the score of 5. Damn this shit is hard.

Flappy bird messes with your mind, your ego and your emotions probably because the game looks plain retarded even a roasted pig with only 1 hoof left can play and do well in the game. As a grown up game savvy adult, i find this game extremely hurtful and it bruises the gaming ego of mine.

It is no wonder there are cases where little brother kills elder brother due to some jealousy issue over who got the higher score. True or not I find that news legit considering how frustrating this game can be at times.

Seal it up 

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