Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 manly game apps recommendations

1) Clash of Clans

I started playing this game about 6 months ago, I've never stopped playing ever since. One of my favourite app out there!! I highly recommend this app to anybody who is into cute games with nice graphics, anybody who likes building an empire, getting into a clan and raiding other online players' empire for gold and glory! 

One of the many cute wallpaper.
With over 10million user downloads and rated 5 stars over 1.3million times. This app is is way above it's league! 

2) Tower of saviors

Tower of Saviors (TOS) is a mobile game developed by Mad Head Limited, a Hong Kong-based company.
This game combines both puzzle rolling stones and card game together and mash it up in a RPG way, users get to acquire random cards ranging from the normal ones up to super rare cards by hunting down monsters along every level, or by using gemstones. 

These cards can be used to form a team of 5, every team's got their very own ability and special skills (a team of God, a team of Beast, a team of Darkness, A team of Legendary Chinese Gods and many more) , which makes this game even more unique and one of it's very own kind! 

Developer of TOS introducing the game during a press launch

Here's a wiki link to the complete guide for this game. Yes, TOS players do take their game seriously.

Another chinese version of the game, the wiki link below

3) Max Axe (for iOs users only)

Sorry Android users, this game is not free on the Android play store. :'(. Howeverrr, i find this game cute and extremely addictive, the gameplay is really simple in a good way. Basically all you have to do is to swipe your fingers in a line to collect coins and beat down monsters along the path. Coins collected can be used to upgrade armors and weapons.

A simple, yet addictive game! >:)

4) Injustice

Ohhhh Injustice, being an app with a whoppin' size of 1.5GB, people tend to put their expectations way high above. Luckily, this app delivers. Injustice takes the form of a fighting game comparable to tekken and street fighter. Users need to swipe/tap continuously/tap when the line touches a certain point to perform combo attacks.

Besides the simple fighting game play, Injustice offers their user with a chance of getting rare character cards such as Superman and Batman cards through booster packs attainable through in-game currency.

5) Toilet time - A Bathroom Game

Time on the toilet has never been particularly amusing, until mobile devices!
For those of you dirty dirty people who loves the company of your phone/ipad during 'THAT Time of the day". Here's a perfect app for you.

Each round takes up only about a few minutes (Thank god not an hour or two) and the game play require users' fast reaction be it tapping or swiping the screen. An overall fun and exciting game for a good and well spent toilet time.

Prepare yourself for some time-wasting fun!

Any other apps to recommend?

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