Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Steamboat dinner for 3, ( 1st try ever ! )

Okay, nothing much here, just a simple life achievement from yours truly thanks to MaggiChickenStock and two other pretty chefs, p/s they did most of the job, i do the eating. x)

People often misunderstand steamboat dinner for being that huge feast served for a party of 10 people and above. Well it can be rather simple too.

For those other 1st timer newbies like me out there wanting to have some sort of a "homecooked" dinner.

All you need is a cooking pot, clean water, some ingredients and chicken stocks! Tomyam flavour, prawn flavour, spicy curry flavour, 'MA LA' flavour, you name it, the convenience store have it! :)  

Ingredients :
1) Tomatoes tomatoes and more tomatoes! (I cant stress this enough cause tomatoes do make a HUGEEE difference in the success of this meal)
2) carrots
3) onions
4) cabbage
5) Meatballs prawnballs sausages etc etc
6) Pepper
7) Chicken stock

This picture pretty much sums everything up all in one.

A blur closed up version of the soaked up ingredients due to overcooking. Wahaha

Try this again next time? SURE.

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