Monday, March 3, 2014

BookUp - The only 'Bookstore' you'll ever need.

Being a university student myself, i couldn't ask for anything better than to come across this website online. Now i have a home for my beloved textbooks thanks to

A lot of times students tend to resort to photocopying hundreds of pages of textbooks due to the overwhelming price tags on those new books. Now i'm glad to say that their problem will soon be coming to an end through this new upcoming secondhand online bookstore - BookUp 

BookUp is an online platform for students, professionals and basically anybody from all backgrounds to sell and buy secondhand books at a marked down cost.

Let's be honest, would you rather spend over a hundred ringgit on brand new textbooks only to see them for a semester, or spend 20 ringgit on a used one? Well i'd go for the latter one if you ask me.

A visit to the website at appears to be a rather fun ride, having a simple and compact layout as well as user friendly interfaces, there's no way anybody'd get lost over there.

An example of how simple it is to sell your used books in their website.

Hurry up and visit their website for further information!

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