Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"I Yam what I Yam" - Popeye the Sailor

This common term of "i am what i am" can be both constructive and destructive as well in their own way. One thing i've learnt from the past is not to follow anybody's footstep completely, be brave, take the road less taken. I've followed the majority of the society for the past few years, and it has brought me little or few happiness.

I've never wanted to be an engineer, nor to be in the education line as what my parents decided for me. In fact i wanted to either be in the law field or a movie director or a comic artist (tho i have no true talent in arts) even? Am just glad that i have finally found the line that i'm happy to be in and will most certainly give in my best effort to be successful in.

The inspiring life story of Alibaba founder Jack Ma Infographic

Note to self, learn all the good in mankind and shunt away the bad. Be yourself and choose your own path.

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