Monday, January 4, 2016


"No man is an island, entire of itself." - John Donne

The mere thought of living life alone without friends and companionship scares me, yes it does. There are times when i absolutely hated everybody around me and just wish everybody could just disappear and leave me alone. Thank god those thoughts don't last longer that it should.

I've attended 2 universities from 2 different part of Malaysia. KL and Penang, the difference in companionship can be so different and yet similar in so many ways. Some friends may be fun to be with but is of very little value towards the progress of my studies, and some the other way round. I do believe that no individual is the same. I do cherish everybody around me, friends as well as family although sometimes i hated them with all my guts.

Growing up in a relatively 'kampung' environment, i've had a few close friends. rou qian, chang jen, hui ming and cili padi? Yes, those are my childhood friends. I guess they still live around me. We would spend the entire evening running around, playing hopscotch, sharing ghost stories about things coming out from the wall and catching worms. Life was that simple back then without any technological distraction. Chinese New Year used to be the happiest time of the year for us. Our parents don't really supply us with deadly amount of firecrackers and bombs of mass destructions during CNY, but still we manage to make good use of what we had that time.

OH YA, besides CNY, ang paos and firecrackers, another occasion very much looked forward by us is none other than the mooncake festival. Yes that will be the time of the year where we bring out our best assets.

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