Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sleep paralysis - Related to the paranormal?

So something scary happened to me in my room few days ago, sleep paralysis, yes sleep paralysis, naturally as being a first timer, that experience scared the living shit out of me, like literally, had to go to the toilet after that.

The event took place in the afternoon around 5 pm, however the entire room was very dark due to the heavy rain and gloomy weather.

Although the entire experience took a mere 15 secs, it definitely felt like a lifetime to me, my eyes were open the entire time, not being able to move a single muscle, i can only look around frantically. I wanted to scream or at least call out for help but to no avail, could only give out a very soft whisper. Like in the video below. 

The next part was the scary part, in the corner of my eyes, i saw 2 black shadows standing there, staring at the wall (not me luckily), and around me there's black shadows flying around, like more than 10 of them! The curtain's flapping vigorously (due to the pouring rain outside).

I was lucky in the sense that the entire sleep paralysis lasted for only 15 secs and not over 5 minutes (very possible), any longer i'd probably pee my pants and cry like a kid.

Well on a brighter note, there's actually scientific explanations to all of these, nothing related to paranormal activities, a good read up on sleep paralysis.

Yep, definitely an experience worth sharing. 


  1. omg omg omg!! remember clean your legs when returning home ><

  2. Haha!! ya lorrr, will de thanks for the tips xD

    1. welcome~because i ask from a lot people regarding to this matter ._. did i told you i kena recently only?><