Sunday, April 6, 2014

Handicraft Sunday (dota2 edition)

Sunday Sunday Sunday, it's casual stay at home Sunday once more. Was thinking of actually doing something special other than rotting at home, wasting life away.

And then it came to me, Dylan sent me links to this cute Dota2 handicraft thingy few days back, the end product looks kinda promising, and most of all it's Dota2! So why the hell not right? Let's start this thing.

Nature's prophet
We will be making a very cute miniature version of these two heroes.

Printing Tidehunter 

Do forgive my printer for being old and thus lacking colour juice. :(  Anywayss, printed 2 copies each just in case something happened and the first one didn't come out as expected.

Printing Nature's prophet (Furion) 

Let's get started! Paper cutting time! I personally prefer using the paper blade instead of scissors, my motor skills' not developed enough to use scissors efficiently.

Our crafting map. As well as the tools
Flawless! Totally no white leftovers edges! LOL
After some 15 full minutes of grueling paper cutting session, here's what came out. Good enough. Okay next! Glue time.

Dylan giving a final touch to his creation
 This is one of those easy handicrafts anybody can make in under 30minutes. Print -> cut -> glue. Done.

Mine! Turned out pretty well i suppose.
Standing side by side.
I love how the way they make the hand look as it they're penguins or some sort. Pretty cute and square, very spongebob square pants-ish.

One of Dylan's favourite hero, Tidehunter

Cute little prophet holding his badass staff

After some filter, looks pretty decent ain't it? They will be accompanying me on my desk from now onwards. 

Those interested to try it out, have fun! 

Do check out the links down below. All credits to the designer.   (Link for Tidehunter's miniature handicraft)   (link for Nature's prophet miniature handicraft)

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