Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jefferson - urban wear @ Sunway Pyramid PJ

Last Saturday, I've been given chance to make a quick shop review for Jefferson @ Sunway Pyramid. This is a first for me and thank god everything went better than expected.

"Join us, and be part of our fashion revolution" - Jefferson
As quoted in their website

A trademark of fine quality clothing

For some brief history of Jefferson, how it bloomed from a small tailoring shop to a mega fashion outlet.

" Back in the 80s' where custom-tailoring was the IN thing in Penang, thousands of clients have eagerly flocked to Jefferson for services. Going back to its roots, the company started in Penang KOMTAR in 1987 formally registered under the name Jefferson Fashion Design. "

From what i know, Jefferson started off years ago as being an all black and white genre fashion shop. To keep up with the colour based fashion in the last decade, they've included a variety of colours to their line of brand, a good strategic approach i have to say.

Awesome looking shop from the outside
Mix and match to your own style, everything is possible in Jefferson
A very compact shop with more than enough to offer
Some new arrivals

A collection of shoes, bags and other accessories to choose from.

Here's what i managed to mix and match myself, do forgive my fashion sense, the idea here is to obtain a sharp dynamic look suitable for all ages. For the old or young.

This leopard printed shorts caught my attention immediately.

i opted for the pink shoe to match the happy Saturday mood.

Am personally not a big fan of skinny jeans, but i gave it a go anyways since it was recommended by the shop assistant. Plus, i'm in a mood try something out of the usual for myself. >:)  

Turned out okay for a first timer, don't you think?

A sporty look
Korean inspired style
The dressing room, with an abundant amount of mirror.
 Don't you hate it when you wanna see how you look like in the dressing room and all you got is a piece of 1x4 mirror? Not a problem here.

With the store manager and the person-in-charge of my visit

The choices in Jefferson is endless, besides maintaining an international standard quality, the price being THAT affordable just makes everything that much sweeter.

That pretty much summed up Jefferson as a fashion outlet, will i ever revisit this shop?
Yes, definitely!

Feel free to drop by their official facebook page and website.

Location :
Sunway Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur F1.55, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall