Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A-List Malaysian Feast - Nook @ Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

Special thanks to my brother for the recommendation and Nook @ Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral for giving me a chance to do a write-up on the A-List Malaysian Feast available @ Nook inside of Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral. Definitely had a blast.

A special mention to Chef Steven Seow and his team who created the A-list Malaysian feast. These are all the Chef's star dishes.

The dessert corner!
The dessert corner to start things off! Pretty ain't it?

All the Kuihs available
Creme brule
Chilled Barley with Gingko Nut
Fruit Paklova
Ohh Fruit Paklova, not for the diabetic! ;) Gotta love the layers and layers of sugary goodness topped with fruits and berries!

Jelly Pudding
Even the spongecake looks good
Bubur Lambuk (Lambuk Porridge)
A whole freezer of Potong Ice-cream
A variety of fruits!
Fresh Prawns (works well with the tabasco sauce)
A well displayed seafood corner for the seafood lovers! Tonnes of fresh sea creatures and family of clams up for grabs! Good fresh stuff.

Smoked Salmon
Look at them! Beautifully smoked to perfection! Had to alter my list of favourite food because of this!

Malaysian tradisional dish which includes, Acar
Different sauce for the seafood
Mixed dish Ala Kampung
The grill!
Ikan Bakar/ Ayam Bakar
Oyster Au Gratin!
I'd like to give this dish a special mention, this is really really really good! So good i had to go back for a round two for this cheese buggers! Oyster Au Gratin!

Special marinated beef served with Kimchi
One of the big guns of the night, look at it! One slice of this will blow you away in a good way.

Steamed chicken + chicken rice
Curry laksa!
Beet root Vermicelli 
Curry fish
Kurma Curry Beef
Kurmaaaaa! My favourite curry, definitely a milder curry in terms of spiciness, but not lacking in taste! Best curry out there in my opinion!

Sambal Petai (Petai beans)
Fried Chicken!
Kerang sambal (sambal cockle)!

Sambal cockles! A must have dish to be served with nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). Love it!

Highlight of the buffet, Stuffed whole lamb Kuzi served with Nasi Briyani
This dish bears the master chef's pride. A lamb roasted to perfection and stuffed with Nasi Briyani. Mind blowing indeed!

Curry eggplant!
A variety of drink available to quench the thirst
Ice shaver!
Ice kacang's filling and syrups!
Coffee machine for the coffee lover!
Roti Murtabak!
one of our  staple food, Roti Canai
Potato salad!
Coleslaw with raisins!
Bread pudding!
Creme's caramel pudding!
Sago Gula Melaka!
carrot cake!
Vegetarian fritters!

All in all, is the food worth it's price? Yes definitely, for those wanting to spend good time eating in a nice cozy and comfortable environment. Go for it! 

The food's being listed in the A-list for a reason. A damn good reason it is! Try it out before 27th of July!


A-list Malaysian buffet is priced at RM100nett per person, but if you book early from now till 27 June, there's an early bird fee of only RM80nett per person!

A-list Malaysian Feast will be available from 30th June till 27th July 2014.

For more information on reservations :
Contact : 1800 80 6575
Email : 
Website :

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  1. Good grief!!! That's more than just a feast!!! Everything looks so nice. Drooling away.... Ummmm...too expensive for me lah! Ask your generous brother to treat, can? LOL!!!