Tuesday, May 13, 2014

La Mexicana - Ampang Terrace @ Hock Choon

Just last week, i had a chance to try out The Entertainer's smartphone application at one of their many merchants "La Mexicana" - A Mexican themed restaurant serving only authentic Mexican cuisines. I'd like to thank The Entertainer for the invitation, the owner of La Mexicana as well as my brother.

La Mexicana - Ampang Terrace @ Hock Choon
La Mexicana Address :
Ampang Terrace at Hock Choon, No. 24-B, Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Contact number :
03-4253 5251

Facebook :

A warm welcoming entrance
The restaurant was located in a rather quiet place inside of Hock Choon building. The ambiance was great and due to the limited seats available there in La Mexicana, it makes a good hangout spot for couples, friends or family who prefers a less hectic setup for their dinner. Speaking of dinner, i managed to take a few shots of the Mexican dinner we had on that day.

Tacos de "Bistec con Chorizo"
A semi filling dish with steak inside! Tacos de "Bistec con Chorizo" consists of 3 tacos filled with juicy beef steak and homemade "chorizo" served with coriander, onion and molcajete red sauce. A very authentic Mexican dish.

"Sopes" De Papa Con Chorizo
3 "Sopes" (corn dough base) topped with potato and homemade "Chorizo", served topped with lettuce, cream and cheese with "salsa Verde". I personally am a big fan of the corn dough base which is rather crispy. Yum!

"Gorditas" De "Chicharron Prensado"
3 Gorditas stuffed with traditional Classic pork (crackling) mix in their self made "Adobo Sauce", served with coriander. Delicious!

"Nachos" La Mexicana Style
As a beginner in terms of knowledge in Mexican cuisine, this is probably the only dish i am well versed in. Nachos! "Nachos" La Mexicana style is made up of crispy triangles of fried handmade tortillas, topped with melted cheese and beans, served with "Pico de Gallo" sauce. Probably one of the best Nachos out there i promise you!

"Huarache Sierra"
"Huarache Sierra" is made up of corn base stuffed with pork "Carnitas", refried Bayo Beans and "Salsa Verde" topped with melted cheese and accompanied with chopped coriander and onion garnish. A very cheezy and tasty dish!

Crepas de Cajeta
I am a sucker for sweet desserts, and boy was i not at all disappointed by Crepas de Cajeta. The dessert is basically Crepes bathed in Cajeta sauce (a deliciously sweet, smooth "burnt" milk caramel sauce), with walnut topping and further flambeed with tequila

Pastel "3 Leches"
Pastel "3 Leches", a deliciously moist and sweet traditional "Tres Leches" cake with walnuts and peach slices. Tastes very eggy, soft and moist! 

Yours truly with the owner/head chef of La Mexicana
Overall, the experience at La Mexicana is a memorable one, as it was my first visit to an authentic Mexican eatery, I'd definitely be come back for a second round in the near future!

Now for a little introduction on The Entertainer phone application.

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  1. I love Mexican but so far I only had it at Chili's, Mid Valley. :(

    1. Haha Chili's is nice also! My favourite! Especially their Larva cake hahahaha