Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy mother's day! (Belated)

I dedicate this short post to the lady who brought me into this world healthy and in a good enough shape.

Mum and Martin 
Although not entirely healthy herself, she's a lady who never put herself first above all things, her concern towards other people makes her very tired sometimes.

What makes mum happy? Food!
She's a lady who loves durian and has a sweet tooth, but try to limit those sugar intake alright, not good for health.

Here you go.
Kopi O Peng mai liao (no sugar) or Teh Peng Jia (without sugar) is her all time favourite drink, she'll never miss the chance to order one of those when visiting the coffee shop.

Dad, Mum and me!
Growing up in an English educated family, mum speaks little to no chinese, she's learning though, in order to ease the communication barrier among her and her close friends from the market. Mum and dad, these 2 are probably the best English teacher i could have hoped for.

Mum used to work in a toy company, Mattel. I remember when i was much younger. Mum'd always bring back toys for me, like everyday! Be it little miniature hot wheels car, or He-man action figures. I love every single one of them as a kid, even now! Now that i think back, those toys aren't really cheap! Should have cherished them more. Sighs.


I might have hurt her sometime over the past with my antics and lack of respect, i apologize, sorry for being not understanding enough (might still be).

Mum is a true believer in Christ, she is always praying for her family's health and success.

Age is slowly catching up with her and i wish her the best of health. Stay happy always with dad and try to relax in terms of workload. Enjoy being a retired grand-mama!

Happy mother's day!


  1. Oops!!! Now where did my comment disappear too?

    1. I was saying Belated Mum's Day greetings to your mum. So blessed to have two wonderful and handsome sons...and now two lovable and cute grandsons. Lovely pics, lovely smiles.

    2. Haha thanks Arthur! :D Have a nice day ahead! So early, as usual! haha