Sunday, May 11, 2014 - A Malaysia's Online Bookstore

Dear readers, recently i came across this website, which offers tonnes and tonnes of quality books of all possible genres. 

Here's a quick introduction to their website.

Lian Shen and Hossein, founder of was founded by Lian Shen and Hossein with one clear mission, which is to promote reading habits among Malaysians with the largest book title selections at a lower price with fast and free delivery to readers all around Malaysia. mainly focus on these key values for their valued customers :
1. Having the largest book selection ever in all online bookstore.
2. Lower book price with faster delivery (Imported books will be delivered within 2-3 weeks)
3. A good customer service, bookurve team will reply to their customer's enquiry in as fast as 10 minutes.
4. Free delivery throughout the whole of Peninsular Malaysia

Bookurve now has more than 20,000 book titles that can be shipped out within a day, yes that is how efficient they are in delivering their goods to the nation!

Just last two weeks, was featured in "The Star" newspaper. 

At the current rate of attention Bookurve is receiving, i'm pretty sure will reach it's peak and be that one online bookstore every readers should know of.

Do check out for more information on their website.


  1. No free delivery to Sarawak? Sighhhh!!!!!!!

    1. Give it a few years la. Now people just starting. How to afford free delivery.

      maybe by then will hv buy one free one offer too :)

    2. Haha ya lorrr! now got minimum charge only, still very affordable!