Thursday, December 31, 2015


"We carry within us the wonders we seek around us" - Sir Thomas Browne

First of all, welcome back to your own site Ivan, the same site you promised you'll visit and update more than a year back.

Well since it's a brand new year, let's just try make it a habit to write something to yourself as often as possible alright?

Year 2016 is the year of the Monkey. According to Chinese horoscope, February 4,2016 is the year of the monkey, Fire Monkey to be exact. Roughly 24 years passed by, everything felt like a daze, having made several bad decision in life such as being in the wrong course, being in wrong relationships, having the wrong hobby etc, can definitely be rough. However, it's the experience and lessons learnt along the way that counts. 2 Cycles of my life has passed by (One cycle being 12 years). This is definitely the year to strive.

I am not much of a person who believes in luck, feng shui and all those hocus pocus. I am a pure believer of hard work and a positive attitude. I rarely wish people good luck, instead ill wish them all the best. Perhaps that's what being taught by my mother since young.

Resolution for the year 2016

  • Get a property - Rent out if possible
  • Achieve greater heights in my work as a financial advisor - Hitting promotion 75k and recruitments 4 managers.
  • Be in a better shape than i was in the year 2015 - Habits
  • Have better work-family relationship management.
  • Attitude adjustment under pressure - Especially when on the road.
  • Treat people around me better and with more understanding. - Smile more frown less
  • Catch up with long time buddies
  • Travel somewhere 3 places in Malaysia 1 place outside of Malaysia
  • Be wiser in expenditures - Take notes and plan a short term, medium term and long term financial goals.
  • Be more focused, one thing at a time, do it right.
  • Be involved in charity - Giving back to the society as much as i can. (Revisit kepala batas old folk's home + visit at least 2 other charity homes for the needy)
  • Sleep well eat well, play hard work hard. 

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